How to Help

There are four main ways to help:

1. Making a donation in cash / via credit or debit card

2. Making a donation in kind

3. Donating your time

4. Purchasing an item


Making a donation in cash / via credit card

The table below shows what a difference a pound makes.
buys a pack of pencils (A child is given one pencil a year and wears it on a string around its neck until it is too small to hold, as families cannot afford to replace a lost one)
buys 500 sheets of paper

given monthly, enables us to feed one child each Saturday, Sunday & daily in school holidays.

buys a school shirt for a primary school child
buys a pair of school trousers for a primary school child

pays for 1 child’s primary school fees in most schools for a year

buys a High School text book (pupils are expected to buy their own but most cannot afford to do so)

feeds, clothes and educates an orphan or abandoned child for a week

buys a pair of trousers for a High School student

pays for a child’s high school fees for 1 year
buys a football/netball kit for a child

buys a pair of school shoes

provides an emergency food parcel


provides a full school uniform including shoes, for a primary school child in need.
can provide basic necessities for a large family for one month

provides a full school uniform including shoes, for a high school child in need.


buys a bookcase


pays a carer’s salary for one month
buys a water tank to store harvested rain water
buys an ecosan toilet and cubicle for a family of six
will build a two roomed home for a child headed household
would enable us to buy a light commercial vehicle to enable the social worker to do home visits
will cover all Zisize Educational Trust's operating costs (phone, internet, electricity, water, petrol, insurance, tracker, vehicle maintenance, bank charges, stationery etc) for one year.
would cover the cost of the existing seven feeding programmes, food parcels and food for Ekukhanyeni for one year.
would build a children’s home to Dept of Social Welfare standards to house six orphans

Monthly donations can be made via Standing Order. Click below to download a form:

Download Standing Order Form (Microsoft Word document)

One off donations can be made by depositing money in Zisize's account. Our details are:

Account Name: Zisize - The Heaton Lee Memorial Trust

Sort Code: 40-32-16
Account No.: 71575589

Or by sending a cheque (made payable to Zisize - The Heaton Lee Memorial Trust) to Jeff Davies, Rhoslyn, Merthyr Road, Llwydcoed, Aberdare, CF44 0YF.

Or by making a credit or debit card donation via the Charities Aid Foundation website. Click on "Donate" next to the name of the charity.

CAF deducts 5% from each donation to cover administration costs and credit card fees.

If you are a UK taxpayer, please complete a Gift Aid form to enable Zisize to reclaim tax paid and send to Jeff Davies - trustee. (If donating via GiveNow, you will be asked about Gift Aid as part of the donation process.)

Download Zisize Gift Aid Form (Microsoft Word document)

For more information about Gift Aid, please consult the overview provided by HM Revenue & Customs (external link)


Making a donation in kind

Donations in kind can be made:
  • by giving a gift of e.g. a donkey, which is bought locally. Donkeys are used to carry water thereby reducing the strain on children and the number of times a day water has to be collected. A card will be sent to the person whose present it is.
  • by donating an item from our wish list at bottom of page

Donating your time

  • organise a fund raising event
  • make Zisize your charity for sponsored events
  • come to South Africa and help us in person


Purchasing an item
  • by purchasing / commissioning items made by local women, which does not help Zisize directly but helps those we help.
If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact us by email.

Wish List

Kwa Qatha Centre
  • Library:- Tables. Additional Bookcases. Additional books, especially isiZulu books.
  • Reception: sofas. Coffee table
  • Computer suite 8 computers, 8 computer desks, 2 printers.
  • Preschool:- Educational toys. Outdoor play climbing frames and pedal cars, bikes. Construction toys. isiZulu books. Jigsaws. Dressing up clothes
  • After school:- art materials, construction toys. More difficult jigsaws. Computer games & computer. Trampoline
  • Youth. Musical instruments. Computer. Pool table. Table tennis. Musical instruments. Sports equipment. Stage area. Sports fields for soccer, basketball, volleyball & netball
  • Running costs. Water, electricity, staff salaries, phone, petrol, internet

Manyiseni Centre

  • Fencing to extend plot
  • Additional books and toys
  • Installation of electricity
  • Photocopier
  • Computer
  • Playground

School building

  • Additional classrooms at Manyiseni School
  • Additional classrooms at Ingwavuma High School
  • Repair to existing classrooms in all schools.
  • Provision of toilets at Entabayengwe
  • Jo Jo tanks to store harvested rainwater

Feeding programmes

  • Funds are urgently needed to maintain existing programmes due to the huge increase in food prices.
  • Additional funds are needed to provide emergency food parcels

Ekukhanyeni Refuge & child headed homes

  • Funds to build two foster homes
  • Salary for two carers
  • Fund to build or repair child headed homes in state of collapse
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Shoes

School leavers

  • Bursary fund for Zisize children who qualify for university or college
  • Funds to provide skills training for non academic school leavers
  • Funds to cover the cost of driving lessons for those who pass their exams but not well enough to go to university. A driving licence is a pre-requisite for many jobs.
  • Job creation for school leavers.
  • Café/ gift shop/ second hand clothes shop at Zisize to provide work experience