Zisize's Projects

Zisize - The Heaton Lee Memorial Trust raises funds to support the work of projects in rural KwaZulu Natal. At present this is restricted to Zisize (Ingwavuma) Educational Trust whose motto is 'Children First'. Its focus has always been ‘the child’ . Its desire is to see an improvement in the life of each child it touches.

  • via activities based at Zisize Centre, which either benefit children directly or through their teachers
  • via activities based at schools and in communities
  • by encouraging other organisations and volunteers to play a role in improving children’s quality of life.

Current Projects - see www.zisize.org for detail

Zisize Centre at Ingwavuma, which runs a preschool class, creche, library, computer classes, after school play facility, a homework and study group and holiday play schemes and offers facilities to teachers for lesson preparation and study.


Zisize Centre at Manyiseni, built in May 2004 with a donation from graduate trainees of the Diamond Trading Company in London and equipped by them. This runs an after school play scheme, lending library service, study group, life skills group and crèche for 2 to 4 year olds.


Ekukhanyeni Home for Orphans and Vulnerable Children at Majwayiza, which currently cares for 25 children and young people who either have no surviving family able to care for them, have been abandoned or who have been abused by care givers. They are divided into small groups with a foster carer responsible for each group. In addition we have a community fostering scheme.


Feeding Schemes for the most vulnerable children at Okhayeni, Mpontshini, Entabayengwe, Manyiseni, Mgedula and Ekuhlehleni Primary Schools  and their siblings each weekend and with the exception of Manyiseni, daily during school holidays. Feeding schemes for two new partner schools, Mayaluka and Our Lady of Ingwavuma will commence when vulnerable children are identified and funds are available.

Fruit and vegetable gardens, fencing and the installation of a supply of water and/or rain water tanks at the sites of the feeding schemes, at child headed homes and Zisize Centre.

Family sponsorship scheme linking donors with child headed households to ensure basic nutrition.

Emergency Food parcels for families where income is too low to sustain children. Currently 32 families receive help.


Getting to School. School uniform provision for identified vulnerable children in nine communities

Payment of school fees or negotiation for exemptions.

Provision of stationery, calculators and books for High School pupils who cannot afford to buy their own.


Developing Educators Zisize employs an educational development officer who conducts literacy training workshops and encourages the use of corner libraries. She conducts regular monitoring visits. An external maths trainer provides workshops each term and Zisize staff conduct monitoring visits. Each school has received sports training and regular tournaments are held.


Assessment & Therapeutic Interventions include:-

The Radio Project, Forum Theatre Project, Memory Box Project and Life Skills Groups.

IQ testing by our psychologist.

Counselling & therapy for bereaved and abused children.

Social Work intervention

Mentor Programme - supporting orphaned and vulnerable children


HIV/AIDS Zisize has been fortunate to have first a volunteer nurse and in 2011 a full time nurse who were able to give health advice and to provide HIV testing and counselling with the utmost confidentiality. This post is currently vacant.


Building Programmes Over the past twelve years Zisize has been instrumental in building toilet blocks at Ingwavuma High School and Entabayengwe Primary; a hall at Mpontshini and Mgedula, six homes for vulnerable children/families, classrooms and currently sports facilities are under construction.


International Volunteers' involvement.


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